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We’re a community of Chirpers who are fearlessly creating our signature career stories to live fully and shine as our true selves.

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Our Story

Hi, I’m Erin!

I created Chirp Clarity to help people just like you take authorship of their life’s story. Yet in reality -

Chirp Clarity has been a life-long adventure that continues to grow daily - and it all started with a few little chirps.

Each year on my birthday my parents would reminisce about how I sang in the hospital as a newborn. They’d hear me cooing and still swear to this day my sound was more advanced than a typical baby’s.

Apparently they were onto something.

By the time I was four or five-years-old, I would sing at the top of my lungs while playing outside. This eventually gained me a following of wild birds and squirrels who’d flock as I sang in my backyard. I was far from Cindarella or Snow White - but these little creatures chirped along with so much happiness they made me feel like I had magical powers.

Before I knew it I was enrolled in classical voice lessons and became my church’s cantor by my 11th birthday. Each weekend I was booked for multiple Catholic masses and weddings while pursuing local musical theatre roles.

Yet while I loved to sing - I had a mean, inner voice telling me I wasn’t good enough.

This voice was not ony seeping into my singing, it totally invaded my self-worth. It snowballed into depression and anxiety and eventually got me so nervous I was kicked out of one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the country. I became too nervous and depressed to sing, even though I grew up with birds and squirrels cheering me on.

While I’d love for redemtion to start here - my self-hatred grew worse.

I felt lost, skill-less and completely stupid as I changed my major at least nine times. I thought I’d never be good enough for anything - a job, a relationship, a song - you name it. I was close to giving up for good.

It took a good therapist, but I soon realized I wasn’t alone.

Self-hatred is an epidemic in today’s society. It’s too easy to be hard on ourselves.

Maybe it’s due to our education system grading not only our academics but behaviors since Kindergarten. It could be due to the constant need for wealth. Who knows where it comes from - but there is a solution.

Since 2008 I’ve helped thousands take authorship of their life’s story by teaching them how to know their unique value. While we can’t predict our futures, once we learn to appreciate ourselves we end up creating dream characters. Once those characters come to life, it’s much easier to embrace new chapters and even plot twists in our career stories.

While you don’t need to have birds and squirrels rooting for you in your backyard - you can trust me and the Chirp Community to be your biggest fans while embracing your signature song - AKA your chirp!

By Chirping You’ll Find

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