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 Tired of spending countless hours on your résumé, only to receive an impersonal rejection email with “We regret to inform you…?”

This problem happens too often to even the most talented and well qualified job-seekers. Spending hours if not days or weeks typing a seemingly flawless résumé and gaining noting but a bad back and carpal tunnel syndrome is far from ideal.

Believe it or not, this automated résumé-rejection is not entirely your fault.

Robots have taken over the job search – and they’re out to crush you before your résumé reaches a human eye.

If you’re ready to land a perfect new job, it’s crucial to know these three words: Applicant Tracking Software, or ATS.

ATS was created to screen applicants so only the most qualified are sent to hiring managers – yet this ends up leaving qualified candidates trapped in a portal with no way out.

This happens because most résumés aren’t formatted to speak ATS language.

It may seem like there is no way out of this trap – but here’s some good news:

This FREE COURSE will help you earn the robots’ trust and get your résumé into the hands of your dream hiring manager.

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If you’re ready to stop getting rejections and start accepting interviews - take advantage of Chirp Clarity’s:

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Launching November 25, 2019 -This FREE course will help your job-hunt if any of these statements apply to you:

I need résumé clarity and am willing to change my résumé’s current format and stlye in order to get results.

✔ I’m not just looking for any job - but the right fit.

✔ I want to create a beautifully designed résumé without spending thousands of dollars on a Résumé Writer.

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 What You’ll Learn:

✔ ATS language know-how that will keep your résumé out of a portal to nowhere.

✔ Formatting & Design tips that will move your résumé forward to your ideal hiring manager.

✔ How to earn the highest score possible on all ATS platforms.

Normally this course goes for $97 - but you can get it for free by entering your email below by November 25, 2019.

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 Your Instructor & Coach:

Hi! I’m Erin, Chirp Clarity’s Founder & Career Coach.

As a lifelong purpose and job seeker, I know the job hunt can be brutal. We not only want a job that pays, but gives us worth. After years of searching, failing and losing hope I finally found a formula that brings both clarity and joy to the job hunt.

Now I’ve summarized my best tips and tricks and am sharing them for FREE with Ace the ATS.

If you’re struggling to find meaningful work - or having difficulty landing jobs that seem like the perfect fit - I can help if you sign up today.

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