Celebrate International Update Your Résumé Month

Because you never know when you’ll need to use your résumé, the month of September has been designated “International Update Your Résumé Month” as an annual reminder for job seekers to review their résumé, LinkedIn profile, and other career documents.

Consider September the new January. Typically the end of the year is when planners go on sale and calendars come out as handy last-minute Christmas gifts, yet if you've browsed the aisles of Target and Staples you've seen these changes. Perhaps it's due to more people than ever having more than a high school education, the new "goal getting" time of year now aligns with the school rather than calendar year. So now is a great time to update your hiring documents!

Here are some guidelines for updating your résumé:

Ask yourself, "What have I accomplished so far in 2019?" Odds are you've accomplished more than you think. To make this actionable, make a list of at least 25 things you've accomplished since January - whether you think they directly relate to your industry or not. Do some reflection on what you wrote and make sure at least one new accomplishment is reflected in your résumé. Skills and knowledge gained outside of work may help you land your next position.

Don't be afraid to #GetSocial It's 2019, you're going to get "googled." Since LinkedIn has the highest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rate of all the social media platforms, make sure you’ve included your customized LinkedIn URL on your résumé. Also, while it's never a good idea to include private social media URLS, work-related sites can help you stand out from the competition. If you've taken great pictures of your marketing plans, create an Instagram account showcasing your talent. Did you create awesome lesson plans for your students? Consider sharing them on Pinterest and hyperlinking your account or handle in the Contact or Social section of your résumé.

Be Unique. The death of fax machines eliminated the need for Times New Roman and black & white text. Today's computers and applicant tracking software can handle different fonts, colors, lines, and shapes. With so much information at our fingertips, one boring looking document may zap the attention a recruiter needs to keep you in the running. You don't necessarily need to be #extra, but don't be fax-machine #basic.

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