Humans are Meant to Grow

I've worked with high school and college-aged students during the majority of my career. With 18 being the age of adulthood in the US, it's easy to think we're done growing at that time. During this stage our height has just about reached its peak and we start making drastic life-changing decisions, like going to college, taking on debt, and even getting married and having children.

Yet what so many don't realize is our brains aren't fully grown until we are at least 25. Even after our prefrontal cortex has hit its growth around this age, we are capable of learning and adapting throughout the lifespan.

So when it comes to life in our 30s and beyond, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking we're supposed to have everything figured out by now. Yet that's never the case!

According to the American School Counseling Association (ASCA), the average Student to School Counselor ratio is 450:1. Meaning for every 450 students, there is only one School Counselor! It's no wonder we don't have everything figured out since most have never had the opportunity for career support and guidance. Sure, our parents and family members have given advice, but when do we get the opportunity to help us career-wise with a certified professional? Apparently it's close to never.

During our youth we lost time to cultivate our career stories. While we could have been nurturing our roots and planting seeds that could grow into greatness, we've settled for debt, jobs that are either low-paying or have no work-life balance, and end up feeling trapped.

But there is hope! There is still plenty of time to tend your inner garden of career ideas and possibilities. Imagine watering and giving yourself sunlight. How can you nurture your growth career-wise like you would a flower? Would you work harder or smarter? Or give yourself some more credit.

Growth, MindsetErin Howard