October is the Best Hiring Month - According to LinkedIn

While we’re celebrating pumpkin spice and horror movie season, we have a new reason to celebrate: It’s also Hiring Season, baby!

According to LinkedIn and CBS News This Morning, October is the month to apply for a new role. The timing now, so allow your career to turn a new leaf - ha!

So, what can you do to make the most of this? Here are some tips:

  1. Act quickly. Many recruiters are looking to hire in as little as four weeks, so it’s very possible to land a new role before you even make a Thanksgiving dinner shopping list. Don’t miss any shots you don’t take and give yourself the freedom to apply. Even if you’re unsure about a job change, it never hurts to take an interview. Afterall, it’s simply meeting new people - and sometimes it’s you who gets to decline a second meeting. What could go wrong?


  1. Do this quick confidence booster: Write down 25 things you’ve accomplished in your work during the last year. It may seem impossible, but really dig in to give yourself credit here. Did you manage not to steal Janet’s favorite coffee mug out of the breakroom? Great! Write that down. What about that time you solved a client’s complaint just by being your kind-hearted self? That counts! Even if it doesn’t seem resume-worthy - write it down. This will prepare you for eventual interview questions that can happen before you put on your Halloween costume.


  1. Appreciate the season. Applying for jobs and taking interviews is often emotionally draining. It opens our vulnerability and tests our tried-and true skills even though we know how awesome we are at our crafts. Just as leaves start falling from trees, searching for work makes us shed our outer shells and reveal what’s underneath. The good news is its usually strong roots and a backbone of education, experience, skills and emotional intelligence that makes us worthy – and ready – for our next role.


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