Résumé Wednesday: Brought to You by Figure Skating

It’s confession time…

I am OBSESSED with figure skating. Nagano in ‘98 is still fresh in my memory and the thought of Alyssa Liu potentially being America’s answer to the quad-throwing Russian ladies makes me feel like every day is Christmas morning.

I’ve never skated a day in my life but am pound-for-pound the sport’s biggest fan. With Skate America launching the season this weekend in Las Vegas I wanted to create a gaudy yet elegant résumé theme that not only reflected the sequins of figure skating and flash of Las Vegas but the work ethic of a triple axel.

Hoping to earn ATS-approved Grade of Execution (GOE) points with a positive Program Component Score (PCS) please welcome Chirp Clarity’s: The Gracie Gold.

Gracie Gold PNG.png

The Résumé Format:

It takes guts to pull of green velvet and a fiercely-edged gold script, but I made it happen. The heaviness of the velvet background balances the thin script while the serif text adds a touch of elegance. Going bold with a velvet vector at the top needed to be balanced with lightness, so the rest of the document is less dramatic to let the client’s work accomplishments and accolades speak for themselves.

I decided to avoid lines and didn’t overkill it with graphics because the script is bold in and of itself. I played around with adding more pizazz but in the end my eye wasn’t buying it. Afterall, in the quad-mania of figure skating sometimes a good-old spiral is all that’s needed.

This style certainly isn’t for everyone. But like Nicole Bobek this Chirper was meant to shine. It’s a risk, sure. But what’s the point of interviewing for a job if the HR department can’t even appreciate your style. Do you really want to try and fit in with such a bland company culture? For some, the answer is an absolute yes. For others it’s absolutely not! Both are ok and the decision to go flashy or remain neutral is yours.

The Résumé Content:

This client came to Chirp with nearly twenty years’ experience in IT and secretarial roles in higher education. After spending years completing her bachelor’s degree part-time, she was ready to get into the more human side of higher education and merge into instructional design while maximizing her technical know-how.

Her summary gets the reader’s attention and her skills are listed at the top to target ATS keywords for competencies. Her experience was expanded to highlight not only her work-ethic but her passion for the students and customers she has helped.

The Résumé Results:

Since this was created a little over one week ago, there are no offers yet. However - this Chirper has accepted three interviews in less than two weeks! It’s not a gold medal yet - but it’s the leader after the short program.

Chirping always,