Résumé Wednesday: One Chirper's Transformation

A recent college grad came to me with a tale old as time. He was underemployed after receiving several awards and high honors in his college major.

He expressed how he had applied to at least 40 positions while hearing nothing in return. Like most in his shoes, he began to doubt his choice of profession and even wondered if his college experience was one big joke.

It really shouldn’t be this way yet I see it happen daily. The number one issue was not his employability - it was his résumé. He created a nice list of academic experience, work experience and extracurriculars - but the list didn’t go far enough to explicitly state why he was the perfect fit for his targeted employers. Here’s his before:

RUtherford before 1 PNG.png
Ruthford before page 2 pic.png

While there are many pros to his résumé – little to no grammatical errors, accurate dates, easy to read, etc. – it leaves the reader wondering what makes him want to apply? Sure, it’s easy to assume he wants a job related to his major, but what’s wrong with loss prevention? What makes him strive for more? How can he address the pain behind the employer’s need to make this hire?

While it’s still a work in progress (it has to be tailored for each job he applies) here’s what we created to get him started:

Jay RUtherford PNG.png

It’s definitely not the final draft - but we were so excited about the transformation we wanted to share right away. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we polish our chirps and quickly “chirp” our information to get our points across quickly.