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Career Composition Club

An immersive online course & group career coaching program designed to help you soar in your job hunt and land your dream career.

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 What if you knew exactly what to do to land your dream job - and paycheck - WITHOUT feeling awkward and out of place during job interviews, networking events and career fairs?

Would you finally be able to rest easier at night or look at your bank account without breaking into a cold sweat?

Here’s the truth: you have the ability to live a more fulfilling career TODAY, exactly where you are right now.

All you have to do is give back to your true self.

So ask yourself this: Would you do what it takes to make your 10-year-old self proud of your next career move? If so, we know exactly how to help you get there.

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We Invite You to Join Chirp Clarity’s:

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 Career Composition Club

It’s part course, part group coaching. Get the best of both and join us today to finally land a career - and life - you love.

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Part 1: The Course

Access to all six modules

✔ Become victorious in your job hunt

✔ Gain confidence and fear Monday Mornings no more!

Reclaim your talents, strengths and unique value you can bring to the world of work - while learning time-tested tips & tricks to help you get there.

$1,000 Value


Here’s what you’ll uncover in each Module:

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Module 1:

Your Origin Story

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Module 2:

Create Your Character - Part One

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Module 3:

Prepare for Battle

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Module 4:

Choose Your Players

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Module 5:

Attack Your Antagonists

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Module 6:

Be Confident in Battle

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 Part 2: The Club

✔ Each week you’ll get weekly Zoom coaching calls - get your questions answered, share frustrations and celebrate wins!

$2,500/Month Value

✔ Get daily access to Erin via the Chirp Slack Community. Ask your questions, get your answers and grow your network - it’s a win-win.

$1,500/Month Value

✔ You can cancel anytime! Cancel once you find your dream job, or stay around for on-the-job coaching - the choice is yours!


$4,000/Month Value + $1,000 Course Vaule =

$5,000/Month Value

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I didn’t even know I needed the reassurance I gained from the Chirp Community.

- Jackie

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I would have paid much more for this course. I’m just glad I didn’t have to.

- Aiden

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 Your Teacher & Coach:

Hi! I’m Erin, Chirp Clarity’s Founder & Career Coach.

As a lifelong purpose and job seeker, I know the job hunt can be brutal. We not only want a job that pays, but gives us worth. After years of searching, failing and losing hope I finally found a formula that brings both clarity and joy to the job hunt.

Now I’ve summarized my best tips and tricks in an eight-module course and combined it with weekly group coaching to help you build confidence and thrive. You’ll not only gain career clarity, but know exactly how to land your dream job once you’ve found your path.

If you’re struggling to find meaningful work - or having difficulty landing jobs that seem like the perfect fit - I can help if you join today.

Feel free to read more about my story here.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

 1. When will I be billed each month?

You’ll be charged for your 1st month at the time of purchase. You won’t be charged again until one month after the course begins.

2. What happens if I can’t make the weekly call?

In the course portal you’ll be able to ask questions in advance, and the calls will be recorded and posted to the group within 24 hours. You can also post questions in the Chirp Slack community - so you won’t fear missing out!

3. Can I really cancel anytime?

Our goal is to help you thrive - not land life-long clients. Also, since everyone’s journey to uncovering their career story is different, we created our no-hassle cancellation policy so you can move at your own pace. Just send us an email when you’re ready to cancel and you won’t be charged again.

4. Is there a money-back gaurantee?

We completely understand you want reassurance. However, we’re selling you our hard-earned experience, knowledge, and time. If you’re already thinking about refunds, you're probably not ready for Career Composition at this point. Our program only works if you go all-in and keep the promise to yourself to show up.

5. Can I re-join once I cancel?

Yes - but we cannot gaurantee the monthly rate. If you join during a sale, the sale prices may or may not be available at a later date.

6. Will I be gauranteed my dream job?

At Chirp Clarity we don’t even know what we’re having for dinner tonight, and we also don’t have a crystal ball to predict your future. However, we can assure you will develop a greater sense confidence if you take the course exercises seriously and put in the work. You can also build connections in the Chirp community - so who knows where those may take you.

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